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Ms Tanga has 12 years of vast teaching experience both in preschool and primary school. She has been a kindergarten teacher and also a primary school computer lessons educator. She also holds a certification from Persatuan Tadika Malaysia. With a strong passion in teaching and learning, she has attended several teaching-essential courses such as computer fundamentals course, Smart Reader course, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic, puppetry and craft course, music and movement. Her calm and motherly attitude also allows her to foster a strong bond with the students. Last but not least, she’s also the proud recipient of several awards such as Outstanding Contribution to an Early Childhood Center Award in 2008 and Exemplary Tutor Award in 2014. She stirves in delivering the right education with the right attitude while securing the great future of her students.

Nurwidad Binti Abdullah


Ms Nurwidad Binti Abdullah has several years of teaching experience both in preschool and primary school. She is a firm believer of the concept of learning through play and enjoys providing children with a safe environment that allows them to take risks and learn from their experiences. she is trained in developing literacy and numeracy skills with preschool student. Ms Nurwidad believes teaching should not only be a single-way classroom oriented communication between the teacher and the students, but instead it should be an engaging two-way communication with also out-of-classroom activities for a more dynamic student experience. She is capable to teach all the subjects in dual-language in both Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. Majoring in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Science, Mathematics, Physical Exercise, Art and Craft.

Dayang Siti Norsilah binti Laamisi


Pn Syilla has an adequate experience in early childhood, being a mother of 2 this jobscope just suits her right on the spot. Being very dedicated into her roles, she prepares a delicious foods for our kids. Not forgetting our kids will always ask for one more meal everyday.

Pn Syilla also teaches Agama Islam for our beloved Muslim kids. Thanks to Pn Syilla for ensuring our center is always clean and giving a hand to our teachers in the classroom on daily basis. Kids loves Pn Syilla.

Smart Vision Kids

Location: Jalan BSC 2C/5, Bandar Seri Coalfields
47000 Sungai Buloh

Telephone: 010-2928717


School Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm